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There's plenty of fun in Rockford this weekend for those who want to get out of the CHICAGO. The Campus St. Häuser takes advantage of the crisp autumn weather with a variety of events ranging from formal dances to ski parties. The state of Illinois is moving in the right direction, so there are a lot of virtual events that will keep you busy this weekend.

The Midwest Herb and Garden Show, considered the largest event of its kind in the region, promises to be spectacular. The show will take place Saturday and Sunday at 8 a.m. at the Rockford Convention Center. Visit Unique Places to take a look at some of the most unique and unique places in Rockman and the state of Illinois.

U events to catch up on special events in the region, including events in Rockman and Illinois, as well as events around the world. U-events can be found at the Rockford Convention Center for a full list of regional specials and events, including concerts, festivals, concerts and other events throughout the year in the city of Rockmen and throughout Illinois.

Check out upcoming events in your city and see a complete list of upcoming meetings and events in Rockman and across Illinois. Learn more about events sponsored by Student Affairs at the Rockford Convention Center and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If you require disabled accommodation to participate in any of the listed programs or events, please email your contact person or the iSchool Help Desk for more information.

If you have a friend who constantly complains that there is nothing to do in Rockford, send him a link to this list of events at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

During the break, concertgoers can refresh themselves with a nice buffet with desserts, sweets and treats. One of the most entertaining things to do in Chicago over the weekend in March is to visit the Chicago Beer Festival. If you're looking for something to do in Illinois, check out this list of things to do in Rockford, IL this weekend, starting at 7 p.m. for VIP guests.

Children will love to see vintage cars and movie cars at the Volo Auto Museum and enjoy the weather at Lake County Forest Preserve. Cruise the Spirit of Peoria, stroll along the river paths at Weekend Getaways Illinois, have lunch at one of the great restaurants, or stop by one. Spend some free time exploring the Peoria Riverfront Museum, or take a walk or enjoy the scenic views of Lake Michigan.

Historic Woodstock Square has hosted many wonderful events over the years, but Venue for Venues takes place on the fourth Sunday of each month. Visitors are welcome to the historic square to enjoy a day of music, art, food and fun at the annual festival. Click on the events that take place on that day, when several events are listed, or click on the name of one event to move to another. Every year tens of thousands take part in this great weekend festival, which offers a variety of activities and activities for children and adults.

This calendar of events includes various city events in all categories, including individual, weekend, weekly and monthly events, as well as paid events. Activities in Rockford, such as concerts, festivals, events for children and families, art and music, food and entertainment, music and food trucks.

Activities in Rockford, including events for children and families, art and music, food and entertainment, music and food trucks, and arts and culture events. This includes events in the city's parks and leisure facilities, as well as other events and activities in the city.

Thousands of festivals and events across Wisconsin, from live music to food and drink. Live streams to see live streams of your favorite bands and artists from around the city. Thousands of exciting sporting events, concerts, festivals and other events are to be discovered in Chicago.

If you're not sure where to start, read our guide to find local events in your city.

Make a plan for a night out with dinner, then attend a show at the Genesee Theatre, but make sure you wear a mask and that the Safer Illinois app appears on your arrival. Find out what excursions to plan in Rockford, as well as some great fall festivals and events to see. This event will be in person, so plan the night before dinner and drive off.

Although we make a point of including free and low-cost events that you can attend spontaneously, we know that you are busy looking for a suitable offer. Discover our events calendar to discover the best events in Rockford and stay up to date with all the news, events and activities in the region.

Please note: On the recommendation of the CDC and Jo Daviess County, organizers may cancel or postpone Galena Country events due to the weather. At any uncertain time, it is advisable to return later in the day to confirm the status of the event and the hours of the events.

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