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During our time in Rockford, Illinois, we were able to explore four of the incredible historic sites in the community. Midway between Chicago and Galena, this community was briefly known as Midway, but has since made a name for itself. Rockman was founded in 1834 as a joint settlement of Midways on the banks of the Rock River and has its roots in 1834. Halfway from Chicago to Galenica, it was briefly known as the "Mid Way" in the mid-19th century and then as a small town until it became known by its current name.

In 1837, the name of the community was officially changed to Rock Ford, and a year later the long-standing nickname "Forest City" was published, which was used by the New York Tribune. In 1852 Rockford was incorporated and officially recognized as a city and incorporated into the city.

In 1851, the Rockford Water and Power Company was founded and the first mail was transported on horseback. In 1852, the Galena, Chicago and Union Railroad reached the city and Frink, Walter and Chicago began stagecoach service from Chicago to Rockford the following January. The first steamer to arrive in Rockman, the New York and Illinois Steamship Company, left Alton and arrived in Rockford on July 1, 1853, on the banks of the Mississippi near what is now Riverfront Park.

The Canadian Pacific, Iowa, Chicago and Eastern left the north and passed through Davis Junction. The Rockford Line of the Illinois Railway came from the south and joined the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis and Chicago Railway, from where it continued to Chicago. It went to Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, from where one of the families had moved away, but it was joined by the American, Illinois and Illinois Railroad and the Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin Railways.

Rockford served as terminus for the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis and Chicago Railways and the Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin Railways. Rockford also served as a stop on the railroad line between Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin, and from there to Chicago in the early years of the American, Illinois and Illinois Railways.

In Rockford, I-90 replaced US Route 51 in Illinois in the north and connected the city with Milwaukee, Wisconsin, connecting 43 two miles north of the state line. The highway itself was connected by a US-20 bypass, which also formed the basis for a new highway between Chicago and Chicago, Illinois and the Chicago-Milwaukee area.

Also noteworthy: South Beloit, Illinois and Belois, Wisconsin are part of a contiguous urban area that stretches about 30 miles along the Rock River from Chicago - Rockford International Airport in the north to Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport. Also worth noting: SouthBeloit (Illinois) andBelois (Wisconsin) are parts of the contiguous urban area, a contiguous urban area that stretches approximately 30 miles across the Rock River between Chicago and Rockton, Indiana, and the Illinois-Wisconsin State Line, from the southern Wisconsin regional airport to the south and south-east.

The Rockford Area has two other sites that have been designated "150 Great Places" by the American Institute of Architects. There are several historic buildings considered to be an integral part of the Rockton Metro Station, and there are a number of other buildings in the area that are considered to be an integral part of the Metro Station. These include the former headquarters of the Chicago Fire Department and the Illinois State Police.

The Discovery Center and Museum was founded in October 1981 as the Midway Village Museum, the first museum of its kind in the United States. One of the most interesting things you'll discover at the village museum halfway through is Rockford Peaches.

The Rockford Chair and Furniture Company Collection documents in part the history of the chair and furniture industry in Rockton, Illinois. The Illinois company, founded in 1882, continued to manufacture furniture until the 1950s. During that time, Atwood began to acquire other companies, starting with Chicago-based A.B.T. Manufacturing Corp. and Royal Oak. Based Press Products, Inc., and This cooperative spearheaded the development of a variety of chairs, tables, chairs and other furniture products. Erlander's house is now a Rockman Museum, demonstrating the importance of his role in Rockford's development as a furniture and chair manufacturing center in Illinois and around the world.

To accommodate the rapid growth and future expansion, Rockford Systems has moved its headquarters to a new, larger facility at 5795 Logistics Parkway in Rockton, IL.

This growth was fueled by the growth of Rockford Female Seminary, Illinois "first coeducational college. It was chartered in 1847 and in 1892 it was Became Rockford College and became fully coeducational in 1958. The church first met in 1865, the same year the church was changed from First Baptist Society to First Baptist Church of Rockford, Illinois.

In 1946, after the closure of Camp Grant, the state of Illinois allowed the construction of an airport to serve Rockford. The Greater Rockman Airport was and is being built on the southern border of Rockfords and New Milford, Illinois, and is thus located behind the southern border between Rockton, Iowa, and the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is located south of the Illinois-Wisconsin border, north of Chicago, and serves Chicago-Rockford International Airport, formerly known as Greater Rockford Airport. Amtrak also serves Rock Ford as part of its commuter train from Chicago to Iowa City, Indiana.

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More About Rockford