Rockford Illinois Hilton Garden Inn

I stay at the Hilton Garden Inn, a beautiful upscale business and leisure hotel located on I-90 on the east side of Rockford.

Your contribution to reflects your commitment as a guest of this property and is treated with the utmost respect. The spacious, open lobby is the perfect place for a quick start to the day and a comfortable bed and breakfast. There are Desk heights and task lighting allow you to get the job done, and the center provides a well-lit and secure place where your day's wind can jump - after a long day's work.

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The standard double room has a fully equipped kitchen with ironing board, microwave, stove, sink and microwave. We offer a free 24-hour business center where you can securely print your documents in the business center or in your room.

Great American Grill offers classic American cuisine and there is a full service bar with a wide selection of drinks and appetizers to make you feel at home. The Jacuzzi Suite has a fully equipped kitchen with ironing board, microwave, stove, sink and microwave. Both have a full bathroom and bedroom, both have a private balcony overlooking the river and lake and a private pool.

Only customers who have booked through and stayed at the property concerned can leave a review. As someone who has been to this property before, I am always interested in what others tell me.

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More About Rockford